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With the Parish Community for almost 60 years, there is the Polish Saturday School. The main task of the school is to ensure the comprehensive development of children and youths living in exile. This task is realised through education in young people to encourage a sense of national and cultural identity, as well as by developing religious and patriotic attitudes. The school currently has over 200 students from the area and beyond our parish.

The school was established on the initiative of conscientious Poles settling in Swindon and late Father Stanislaw Borek, who was always alert to the need of educating children in the spirit of Polish language and culture. The period of establishment of the school and the early years of development were not easy. Despite grappling with various difficulties, the school has finally returned to use the school building, which is still in use. On May 13, 1967, His Excellence Don. Bishop Wladyslaw Rubin devoted what is a school building. Named after one of the greatest Polish writers - Maria Konopnicka.

The second half of the sixties was a period of the greatest development of the school. At that time, around 400 children attended the school, the culmination of years of work and significant achievements for the school. The school founded numerous nursery, choir and school orchestra activities. The school community worked hard to develop the Polish scouts, which was a great experience for many young Poles living away from their homeland.

In the second half of the seventies there was a large decrease in the number of children attending Polish school (a drop from around 240 students). One of the greatest achievements of the school at that time were the excellent results in exams that young Polish students attained each year.

Currently, the Polish Saturday School in Swindon is growing very rapidly. Since the Polish accession to the European Union and reaching for the freedom of movement in the area of the ​​community, interest in school has increased. For many children, who attend full-time English schools, this is one of the few opportunities to use the Polish language outside their home. There is also a rapidly growing interest in the pre-school group. This group is composed largely of children who have been born in or have spent the vast majority of their life in the British Isles and the Polish language may be new for them and they will learn how to use it for the future one.


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